Initial dental assessment in Paris

Meet us before you travel

 We can see you in Paris and assess the health of your mouth.
• To book an appointment call . Please indicate your language preference so we can transfer your call accordingly.
• After the appointment, the information collected will be sent to our specialists in Hungary. Your dental plan will be sent to you by email.
• If you like the plan, you can be treated in Budapest and save up to 70% on costs. We can book your accommodation and organise airport transfers.
• Check-ups and aftercare are done in Paris.

VitalEurope will refund the consultation fee*, if you start treatment within 60 days (*up to 100% of the social security rate).

A panoramic x-ray will be taken on spot for a fee of €15 (non-refundable by the French Social Security or by Mutual)If you already have a recent x-ray (not older than 3 months) and / or treatment plan from your own dentist, please bring these with you to the appointment.
Alternatively you can send us your x-ray via e-mail or post and our dental team will make recommendations returned to you by e-mail.

Our postal address is:

Nagyszolos u. 11-15.

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